Blackhall, Sheena

Sources: Flood in the Highlands - Sir Edward Landseer

The derkenin cloud. The spit o rain.
The burnie bigger growes.
The lichtenin teirs the lift in twa,
The larick boos an soughs.

The Heivens teem. The lochans ream.
The cooerin yowies bleat
A broken gate's a burn in spate
A warlock,wud an weet.

The Spring that treetled doon the brae
Is noo a roarin linn
Wi ragin kelpies gaun afore
The horned Deil ahin.

Flood in the Heilans! See the craft
Wi watter at its croon!
A Heicher Haun than mortal man
Dings ae wee faimly doon.

An bits o gear that they haud dear
Claes, gee-gaws o the best
The risin tide casts aa aside
Like plooshare throwe a nest.

The worsit plaid wi'ts tartan braid
The greetin littlin's cradle
Are heelstergowdie on the reef
Wi chitterin tyke, an table

The riven blanket in the win
Is torn tae threids an thrums
Like a boghran in warrior's haun
The thunnerin doonpish drums
Aa draiglit in the dubby glaur,
A precious christenin goun
A mither's snawy petticoats
Bumshayvelt, heid tae foun.
Buik, buit an pan, the hale jing bang
Gyang furlin ben the wave
In smithereens fine crystal speens
Sink tae a stormy grave.

The heichest lum, the stootest waa
Rich herds o milkin kye
Are bit as nocht, fin aa unsocht
Misfortune cries inbye.