Screening: Makin and Brakin

Screening: Makin and Brakin

Ethnographic Film Series

With filmmaker Stephen Macmillan

Makin and Brakin documents the building of a traditional salmon coble in Portsoy, a scenic village on the south Moray coast in Aberdeenshire.

Awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund, a group of volunteers took on the challenge of building one of these beautiful boats in Portsoy, a scenic village on the south Moray coast in Aberdeenshire.Now suspended, salmon fishing with nets at sea was common in many coastal towns and villages in Scotland.Volunteers took as their guide 'Tern', one of the last wooden cobles to be built in Scotland. After three years' hard work, the new coble, 'Soy Lady', was launched amid great celebration in 2016, and took to sea in 2017. The film follows the boat builders’ journey.

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Stephen Macmillan
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