From Production to Marketing: Community and Culture in the Post-War Whisky Industry

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Cultural Change in the Speyside 'whisky community(ies)' in the Post-War period - 1946 to the present day.

Following the world recession of the late 1970s, the Scotch whisky industry had to re-invent itself. In the last 35 years or so, the number of workers employed in the whisky industry on Speyside has been reduced by about two-thirds.  The distillery communities of men and their families, living in tied houses, no longer exist. Technological advances have radically changed the production process. However, Speyside continues to produce a high-value, high profile, socially desirable product that is sought around the world. I chose to explore some of these changes by looking at aspects of the traditional residence-based communities of production and of the new communities of practice and of interest that have developed in recent years.

Richard Bennett
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Elphinstone Institute
MacRobert Building

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