ResearchWe live in a multi-faceted and complex world, with many factors impacting on our lives, not least in education. As disciplinary areas become more and more knowledgeable about narrower and narrower areas, it becomes essential that there are ways found to allow dialogue and exchange of ideas amongst the different disciplines.  

It is with the recognition that we live in a such a complex system that the School of Education actively seeks out ways to learn from and contribute to other disciplines. 

Many staff are involved in interdisciplinary research with colleagues internally and in other Universities and institutions.

We have a number of staff involved in research around pathways to healthy living, with projects focusing on mental health and well-being.

Other collaborations include projects focusing food growing and sustainability; ways of living and learning in the North.

Others are forging collaborative links across a range of areas:

  • philosophy
  • natural and physical sciences
  • psychology
  • history
  • anthropology
  • medical sciences
  • digital technologies 

In addition we have staff who have developed and contribute to the new interdisciplinary courses introduced as part of the University’s recent curriculum reform, drawing from their specific research interests.

This activity contributes to the vibrant and stimulating environment for research and development within the School and provides the foundation for innovative and important research within and across the three main themes within the School.