Recognising commitment to the advancement of gender equality in academia.

The School of Education is committed to the advancement of gender equality and opposes all forms of inequality and discrimination. 

As a school, we aspire to the principles of the Athena Swan Charter and are currently seeking to adopt these principles in our policies and practices. We are working towards the Athena Swan Bronze Award.

The Athena Swan initiative was developed by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) in 2005. It was set up to address gender inequalities in Higher Education, including those arising from discrimination, underrepresentation, the gender pay gap, barriers to career progression and the use of short-term contracts, as set out in the Athena Swan Charter (2005). 

Our Athena Swan ‘Self-Assessment Team’ (SAT) is led by Dr. Peter Mtika and Dr. Jackie Ravet, and includes eleven representatives from our staff /student body:

Team Members


  • Dr. Jackie Ravet (Senior Lecturer)

  • Dr. Peter Mtika (Senior Lecturer)


  • Mary Stephen (Teaching Fellow)              

  • Yvonne Yule (Temporary Lecturer)

  • Liz Robertson (Admin. Support)              

  • Nikita Otto (Undergraduate Student rep.)

  • Yvonne Dewhurst (Senior Lecturer)          

  • Neil Halstead (Postgraduate Student rep)  

  • Dr. Liz Curtis (Lecturer)                         

  • Dr. Laura Colucci-Gray (Senior Lecturer)

  • Sheila Nutkins (Senior Lecturer)               

  • Catriona McDonald (Senior Lecturer)        

  • Dr.Carol Hickman (School Administrator)

  • Dr. Robert White (Reader)

 The work of our team is wholeheartedly supported by the wider school community. Please read more about Athena Swan here: