This site provides some brief presentations in relation to teacher education and partnership at the University of Aberdeen.  As you review some of the media clips, we invite you to reflect on what relevance this has to you, in your context.

Some questions for reflection:

  • If you are supporting a student, in what ways will the student’s experiences on a four degree, MA(Education) or the full-time PGDE or the DLITE PGDE be different from your initial teacher education programme?  How might you best support the student who will be with you to learn from the placement experiences?  How might you help them to contextualise their academic learning in the professional practice and to understand more about good practice in facilitating learning?
  • If you are reviewing some of the partnership initiatives such as Masters level professional enquiry, are there implications from these for your own context?  In what way might any of these initiatives impact on your practice and be relevant to your professional update?

Much of the changes and developments have been influenced by the Donaldson Review of teacher Education and the Scottish Government’s response to these.  Do you know what the key messages are in these and have you considered how this impacts on you? 

Further information

  • Donaldson, G (2010) Teaching Scotland’s Future.  Edinburgh: The Scottish Government.  Available to view here.  
  • The Scottish Government (2011) Continuing to Build Excellence in Teaching The Scottish Government’s response to Teaching Scotland’s Future.   Available online here

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