International partnershipThe School of Education is an international community where people come to study and work from all over the world. Their varied cultural experiences and unique intellectual skills, knowledge and interests, are central to the development of our distinctive identity and work.

Students come to study from many different countries including Europe, North and South America, Canada, the Middle East, Russia, China and Africa. Some come through international exchanges, eg Erasmus, whilst others may visit from their home universities, for up to 3 months, as part of their doctoral and post-doctoral work.   

Students from the School of Education study abroad as part of their courses and degrees. This occurs through Erasmus exchanges and also through unique partnerships established with Universities abroad. 

The School of Education is both the host institution and a collaborator in many international projects, partnerships and initiatives. Through these, academic staff research, develop and inform multiple and diverse aspects of education. This includes the Aberdeen Confucius Institute, established in 2012 in partnership with Wuhan University.

The School of Education plays a very active role in the Institute, in organising and supporting events and experiences for student teachers, children, young people and teachers in local schools and the community.

Looking forward, and in harmony with the University’s strategic aims, the School of Education is committed to embedding our culture of internationalisation across all our activities. This will involve continuing to reference and utilise global information and data, increasing the number of international students studying in the School, enabling more of our students to have international educational experiences and building upon existing and initiating new, international partnerships.

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