PhD Title: Supporting young people within effective education systems

Sikander KhanSikander has an Honours Degree in Business and Financial Management from the University of Hull and both a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology and a MLitt in Finance and Management from the University of St Andrews. 

Sikander said “Prior to embarking on my PhD in Education at Aberdeen, I served as a teacher for a little over two years in a private school in my home country Pakistan. Supervised by Professor Karen McArdle and Sandra Paterson, my thesis aims to be the first comprehensive study of comparison of socially/culturally constructed understandings of wellbeing as held by teachers and pupils in Scotland and Pakistan.

Through individual interviews with teachers and focus groups with secondary school pupils in the two countries, I intend to explore, with reference to the participants’ wellbeing understandings and experiences, local social and cultural values and meanings. By comparing the two socially and culturally distinct academic contexts, the research will improve our understanding of education on and for wellbeing.”