Knowledge Exchange (Show & Tell) Seminars

We host regular talks across a variety of subject areas in which the counselling, psychotherapy and experiential therapies are involved. The talks are given by practitioners, academic staff and research students, and provide a forum for informal discussion of ideas, results and new approaches.

All seminars are open to staff, students, research practitioners and affiliates.

Well-Being 3 Seminar Cycle – Annually

The University of Aberdeen is holding an annual series of well-being seminars and events to promote the university's commitment to the health and wellbeing of all.

These seminars are open to all of us as lecturers, students, support staff and anyone engaged in the field of learning and teaching. This is an opportunity for us to explore ways of creating more meaningful relationships in supportive and enabling environments. The seminar cycle will embed principles and strategies for psycho-education and self-care as part of caring for others.

Continuing Professional Development & Networking Events

Are you looking for partners to develop or host training, short courses, social and networking events across modalities and topics? Contact

Participants will be supported in a learner centred approach to explore a particular aspect of theory and practice of interest.