Counselling Practice Placement Requirements

Students are required to be in supervised and in approved practice placements from year one of the course onwards.  The practice placement coordinator will assist students to find a suitable placement and discuss any conflict of interest or dual relationships issues in consultation with the programme director. Placements need to be undertaken on a voluntary basis. This programme does not support students in private practice.

Approved supervisors offer face to face supervision. Students are normally required to complete at least two different placements (generic and specialist) in order to accrue the necessary 180/200 hours of client work depending on the professional body COSCA or BACP the student would like to register with.  The hours will be accrued in respect of one to one work with adults.  However, up to 25% of those hours may be accrued in respect of work with couples or groups if student acquire an additional ‘readiness to practice’ from 2017 onwards.

Students are also required to have personal therapy, comprising of a minimum of 12 hours per academic year which will be documented in the practice logs.  Their therapists should have an orientation that is compatible with the humanistic approach.

A full registration on the PG Cert/PG Diploma or MSc is required alongside ‘readiness to practice’ and a current Protecting Vulnerable Groups Certification (PVG Scheme) before students are able to undertake a practice placement. 

Students are required to locate their own first generic practice placement opportunity.  For further guidance please contact the practice placement co-ordinator Janet Mowat (

Practice Placement Collaborative Agreement