The School of Law is delighted to offer a specialist, professionally accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation. This qualification sits within the LLM Dispute Resolution Law Masters programme and The MSc in Person Centred Counselling. It is aimed at anyone (not just lawyers) with an interest in resolving conflict and is available in online mode, with on-campus tutorials for those already attending on-campus.

There are two courses which form this Certificate. These are as follows:


Mediation Theory and Practice This course offers students the opportunity to study the theory of mediation and to develop their skills in mediation practice. It is designed to enable students to learn independently, with ongoing facilitation and support from experienced teaching staff. Students are encouraged to interact with tutors, peers and study groups to develop knowledge, understanding and interpersonal skills, which are critical for the effective practice of mediation. In addition, students will study conflict theory and communication skills, as well as the process and theory of different models of mediation and their application in the many areas where mediation is practised.

Students will be encouraged to critically reflect on their own styles and learning, a pre-requisite for effective mediation practice. It will look in detail at the full range of generic mediation skills, making it suitable for prospective mediators in all situations and jurisdictions.

A successful student will achieve a good understanding of the basic principles of conflict resolution with some practical experience of mediating disputes.


Advanced Mediation Practice:  This course builds on the learning and knowledge gained in the Mediation Theory and Practice course (completion of which is a prerequisite).

Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate current practices in mediation and learn more advanced mediation techniques and strategies for use in more complex situations.

A deeper understanding of conflict theory and peace studies will form a core part of this course, as will the legal context in which mediators operate, both from a UK and international perspective.

The course will culminate with an intensive one-week, on-campus session at the University of Aberdeen, where students will have the opportunity to practice and refine their skills as mediators in a supportive learning environment. This will include numerous opportunities for role-play, enabling students to consolidate their learning and develop the competencies required to become a practicing mediator. At the end of the on-campus week, students will be assessed on their practical ability and skill as a mediator in a role-play situation.

Successful students will have developed an in-depth understanding and knowledge of all aspects of mediation and conflict theory and will also have gained confidence in putting their skills as a mediator into practice.

Teaching methodology:  Teaching will be delivered by mediation experts at The Mediation Partnership in Aberdeen, with guest input from other tutors in Semester 2. The lectures will be by podcast, and there will be online activities to undertake as well as regular tutorials. An interactive approach to teaching will be adopted. Tutor interaction with students online and on-campus is a key feature of the learning experience.

Assessment: This will be by a mixture of online interaction and coursework – there will be no examinations. Full feedback on all assessment submissions will be provided, allowing for ongoing improvement throughout the programme.

Cost : The cost is £3500, to include all tuition, materials, on-campus tutorials and the one week, Semester 2 component of the Advanced course.

Eligibility and Applications : If you have a undergraduate degree with a 2:1 or equivalent, you will be eligible to join this programme. Applications from those who can demonstrate eligibility in other ways (eg from a mixture of qualifications and work experience) will be considered. You may apply online, please start your application hereYou should search for ‘Postgraduate Certificate Mediation’ in the programme choice menu.