PhD Title:Integral Health and Healing-Development of an intergral meta-paradigm for health, healing, medicine and harbalism

PhD StudentOwen has a MSc. In Herbal Medicine and is a Heartmath Coach. He wants to heal our connection to nature, both inner and outer.

Owen said “Herbal medicine bound together my varied interests by a common thread. Yet the unifying values and framework was invisible until I discovered Integral and the exigency of individual transformation to heal our world.  Since then, I’ve been exploring the application of IT as a health practitioner, as well as a founder of EarthMind Fellowship — a social enterprise for nature-based therapeutic exploration.

When I decided to do a PhD project on Integral Medicine, Health, Healing and Herbalism, I found enthusiastic support by the faculty at the University of Aberdeen. I live in Scotland with my family, where we are creating a retreat for Integral Healing.”