adult having conversation with a boyThis course is designed as continuing professional development for:

  • all practitioners within children’s services (whether based in local authority, voluntary sector or NHS settings)
  • involved in supporting children and young people, their families and carers, with issues of child welfare and protection

It sits within the framework of the BA in Professional Development (BAPD) and can be taken at SCQF Level 8 or 9 (depending on a candidate’s prior qualifications and experience). 

  1. it is 15 credit points and involves seven days of face-to-face teaching delivered over a two-week period
  2. blended learning methods
  3. candidates are usually nominated by their employer

The course is planned and delivered on a partnership model between the University and key agency representatives.

It aims to give practitioners an in-depth understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the child protection system and within the framework of current legislation and policy. It also aims to enhance their understanding and knowledge of child abuse and neglect through current research and theoretical frameworks, and to develop their ability to communicate effectively with children, carers and other professionals. 

The importance of collaborative interdisciplinary and inter-professional principles and approaches to child welfare is a central feature of this course in terms of its mode of delivery, aims and content.

For further information, please contact Sarah Kearns: