Several years experience of presenting a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling at Northern College of Education led naturally to the offering of a Postgraduate Diploma in 2000.

In 2003 Northern College merged with the University of Aberdeen and the programme continued in what became the School of Education.  Our counselling programme was one of a number of Master of Education (MEd) programmes offered through the School of Education.  This programme was professionally validated through COSCA (formally the confederation of Scottish Counselling Agencies) with a qualification designed to meet the professional training requirements of both BACP and COSCA.  (the emphasis on 'Training' above should be noted as the course does not equip trainees to meet counsellor accreditation criteria that takes several years post qualificaton experience and therefore out-with the scope of a training programme)

The theoretical and philosophical ethos of the Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling was Person-centred, an approach developed from the pioneering work of the late Carl Rogers (1902-1987); one of America's most influential Psychologists and Psychotherapists.  Empirical research has enabled further development of Roger's ideas and the approach continues to evolve through a steadily developing worldwide research base with Scotland holding a prominent position.