The course is designed for experienced person-centred counsellors (trained to diploma level) who are looking for an opportunity for professional and career development.  This course may appeal to practitioners who wish to develop their supervision skills and their theoretical understanding of supervision in a way that is consistent with the person-centred approach. Counsellors who are new to supervision practice as well as those who have experience as supervisors may apply.                                                                             University of Aberdeen Image

The aim of this course is that on completion participants will feel sufficiently competent and confident to enter into supervision contracts with experienced counsellors and counsellors-in-training within organisations, voluntary settings and private practice.   Integral to this aim are the following:

  • Participants will attain a clear theoretical understanding of the processes implicit in the person-centred approach to supervision.
  • They will develop further their understanding of person-centred theory in particular in the context of counselling-supervision.
  • They will develop an awareness of ethical and practical issues related to supervision.
  • They will develop the ability to assess their own work in critical and non-defensive ways and will identify areas for further professional development. 
  • They will have the opportunity to work with peers who are also experienced person-centred counsellors.  

Entry requirements:  Participants are expected to have started with one supervisee prior to commencing this course, with the understanding that during the training they will be supervising at least two counsellors.   

  • Applications are welcome from practising person-centred counsellors with a minimum of 450 hours’ counselling experience.  250 of these hours should be post qualifying experience.
  • Applicants will be asked to provide a CV detailing qualifications and counselling experience and will be invited to meet with the tutors.  

Please aim to have your application with us by early December in order that it can be processed and we can contact you before the holiday break with information about some pre-course preparation. Preparatory work will include some relevant  reading and writing a personal statement which will be shared  in the first session together.

Course dates

This is a 150 hour course, consisting of 5 non-residential 2-day meetings of 15 hours each, 16 hours of study group meetings, and 140 hours of private study.  

Participants must plan for 100 % attendance at all course dates and study groups.  

The first four meeting times are noted below. We will negotiate the fifth block of dates when we meet.

Days Dates Time Venue
Friday and Saturday  Oct 2018 10.00-17.30 Old Aberdeen Campus
Friday and Saturday Nov 2018 10.00-17.30 Old Aberdeen Campus
Friday and Saturday Dec 2018 10.00-17.30 Old Aberdeen Campus
Friday and Saturday Jan 2018 10.00-17.30 Old Aberdeen Campus

Fees:  £600 which can be paid in instalments.

Assessment: Assignments will include written work on theory, practice and ethics in supervision, as well as reflection on the course member’s learning and development.   The final step in the process will be the production of a written ‘assessment statement’ which will include reference to the following:

  • Understanding of the theory of person-centred therapy
  • Integration of this understanding in supervision work
  • The participant’s ability to conceptualise and describe his or her supervision work
  • Attention to ethical issues
  • Reflection on the development of the supervision relationship and on the supervision process
  • Awareness and acknowledgement of diversity in counselling and supervision
  • Reflection on the participant’s development and learning during the course
  • Identification of strengths and of areas for further development

 For additional information and/or to apply, please email: