PhD Title: ‘Challenging Epistemology and redefining pedagogy: Music Student Teachers’ experiences of ‘living’ pedagogy as a form of improvisation’

Carolyn CookeCarolyn has previously worked as a music teacher, a head of music in a large secondary school, and as a Lecturer at the Open University with particular responsibilities for the music PGCE course and generic aspects of PGCE courses for six secondary subjects. More recently Carolyn has written course materials for the Open University (including for its international TESS-India project) and Trinity College London, as well as undertaking a BERA research assistant position on a project titled ‘Reviewing the potential and challenges of developing STEAM education through creative pedagogies for 21st century learning’.

Recent publications and conference presentations include:

Cooke C, Evans K, Philpott C and Spruce G (Eds.)(2016) Learning to Teach Music in the Secondary School: A companion to school experience 3rd Edition. Routledge Available from

Cooke C (2015) ‘Critical Reflection for Social Justice and Inclusion in Music Education’ in Benedict C, Schmidt P and Spruce G (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Social Justice in Music Education. Routledge Falmer Available from

Cooke C and Matthews F (2013) ‘Changing perception and pedagogy. Reflections on a Professional Development Programme to support Whole Class Instrumental and Vocal Teaching in England’ in Vugt A and Malmberg I (Eds.) European Perspectives on Music Education European Association for music in Schools (EAS) publications volume 2 pp:223-237

Cooke, C and Spruce, G ‘Critical Pedagogy in Music Education’, Presentation, 20th European Association for Music in Schools conference, The Hague, April 2012.

Cooke, C ‘Teaching as performance: music student teachers perceptions of pedagogy’.  Presentation, Scottish Educational Research Association conference, Aberdeen University, November 2015.

Cooke, C ‘What do we mean by music pedagogy?A critical reappraisal and possible scaffold to support music student teachers’ sense making’. Poster presentation, International Society of Music Education, Glasgow University, July 2016.