Anna Dako

Anna Dako

PhD Title: Somatic Living: on Processing Post-Modern Conceptions of Human Nature in Movement.

Anna DakoI became a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen after I saw a great opportunity to engage with i.e. ARTE (Art Research in Therapeutic Education) initiative.

My academic background includes: English Studies BA (English Language Teacher Training College Krosno, PL), Cultural Analysis MA (University of Amsterdam, NL, Department of Humanities), Theatre Studies MA (University of Amsterdam, NL, Department of Humanities), Dance and Somatic Wellbeing - Connections to the Living Body MA (University of Central Lancashire, UK, Department of Art, Design and Performance), as well as more practical education in Digital Film Production at the SAE International Institute in Rotterdam, NL.

My professional background includes working cross-disciplinarily within arts, dance and educational fields as: Somatic Education Facilitator and Therapist, Dance and Creative Arts workshops Facilitator/Organiser, Dance Film Maker & Producer, as well as a Contemporary Dance Dramaturge, Assisting Researcher, Editor and Performer.

I am currently running a studio DUNAMI - MOVEMENT | ARTS | WELLBEING in Rzeszów, Poland and curating workshops and events within somatic movement education.

Somatic Living: on Processing Post-Modern Conceptions of Human Nature in Movement.

I will be researching ways in which art-based, environmental and other non-western ways of thinking about the human-nature relationship(s) can reshape what we mean by the phrase ‘human nature’ within its mainstream philosophical contexts. This has been shaped since antiquity and is about how we are able to live and embody that relationship in everyday life today, in our post-modern reality, in its fullest sense.

By creating data through conducting somatic movement sessions with a cross selection of co-researchers and live filming, I will be reflecting on the role of our somatic experiences (and somatic psychology in particular) in comprehending the human-nature relationship. I will also be exploring its benefits as a phenomenological research in practice, and its further influence on individual life’s choices like environmental responsibility, personal growth and wellbeing.

This mixed method practice exploring ways of creative reflection in movement and arts with co-researchers will be shaped toward elucidating tacit connections among the processes of thought, feeling and action in relation to how we relate to the environmentally stirred sensations and the embodied search for re-discovering the self, and possibly, resulting in noticeable changes in self-awareness, self-disclosure and self-actualization. It is also where, possibly, a new ecological comprehension of ourselves can take off.