Turnitin UK


TurnitinUK is an online service which compares student assignments with online sources including web pages, databases of reference material, and content previously submitted by other users across the UK.

The software makes no decision as to whether a student has plagiarised; it is simply a tool which highlights sections of text which have been found in other sources. The assignment submitted by the student and an originality report (the report which identifies the text matches found) are displayed for the member of staff to view. The member of staff can see whether resources have been appropriately referenced and hence whether the student has committed plagiarism. Students can see their Originality Report only if the member of staff enables this.

TurnitinUK must be used with students' knowledge: it cannot be used retrospectively. An information sheet must be provided to students before they register to use TurnitinUK is provided below.


TurnitinUK  Upgrade - Turnitin Classic upgraded to Turnitin Feedback Studio, 1 August 2017

If you have used TurnitinUK during the last few weeks you will have been alerted to the upgrade of Classic to Feedback Studio. It offers the same functionalities of TurnitinUK but with a simplified, more intuitive interface. To learn more:

See Feedback Studio in action

Review the Quick Tips for Mastering Feedback Studio

Watch this video comparison between Turnitin Classic and Feedback Studio