Student Documentation & Video Tutorials

These resources are designed to offer step by step Video Tutorials and Quick Guides to get your students started with using MyAberdeen. Advice is also provided for students who are having Problems logging in.

Staff: Please feel free to copy these links into your course to help your students.

(Right click on the link and 'Copy Link Address' then add the required resource as a URL to one of your course content areas)

Video Tutorials

  • A set of custom made screen capture videos are avalaible from the MyAberdeen Help tab.

Quick Guides

For further student information on TurnitinUK and Plagiarism visit:

Blackboard Learn help

Blackboard Collaborate


Problems Logging in?

In order to access MyAberdeen you must have:

  • Seen your Adviser of Studies (or equivalent), who has registered you for the appropriate courses
  • Successfully completed ALL quadrants of e-registration at least 24-48 hours before trying to log in to MyAberdeen. If in doubt, please contact

If you still cannot log in, please contact the service desk: (01224) 273636