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General Links

Introduction to Accessibility - WebAIM

JISC Accessibility Guidance

Assessment Accessibility in Questionmark Perception version 5

BlackBoard Learn Accessibility

Teachability, University of Strathclyde. Booklets and workshops produced by and for the SHEFC funded project looking at all aspects of accessibility within teaching and learning.

The World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative

WebAIM's "How to" articles

Web Accessibility QuickTips: WCAG 2 at a Glance

W3C Web Design and Applications: Accessibility

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Disability and the Equality Act 2010

University of Cambridge Disability Resource Centre - Law and Higher Education Sector Guidance

BS 8878: 2010 Web accessibility code of practice

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Adobe Acrobat X1 Accessibility

Creating Accessible Excel Files

MS Office 2010 Accessibility

WebAIM's Techniques – Word

WebAIM's PDF Accessibility

WebAim's Recommendations for Making Web Content Accessible for People with Cognative Disabilities

WebAIM's Best Practices for PowerPoint

The Diagram Center: Making Images Accessible

The Diagram Center: Accessible Math

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Colour & Fonts

Lighthouse International Color Contrast Guide - Good practical guide to colour: designing for partially sighted and colour vision deficiencies

WebAim's Color Contrast Checker

Greybit v2.0 Greyscale conversion accessibility tool

WebsiteTips Color section web-safe colour charts, articles and tips on colour and design, colour psychology and meanings

Vischeck Colour blindness simulation tool

On Web Typography - article on A list Apart (17 Nov 2009)

Fonts - WebAim guide focussing mainly on readability

Georgia and Verdana Typefaces designed for the screen

Typofile The best faces for the screen

BDA: Typefaces for Dyslexia

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Rich media / Video

WebAIM's captioning overview for the web - comprehensive "how to" guide

Joe Clark's Media Access - everything you need to know about the art of captioning

BigNate84’s How to Add Closed Captions to a YouTube video (using a txt file):

SBV file format for Youtube Subtitles and Captions:

Captions and Subtitles on Vimeo:

YouTube - Add Subtitles and Closed Captions

The Institute of Educational Technology (IET) is at the heart of the Open University as a centre of international excellence in the research and development of online, open and distance learning.

The National Center for Accessible Media - text captioning of video clips using a free download Media Access Generator (MAGpie) tool

Flash Player Accessibility

How to add captions to Camtasia Studio manually:

DigitalMediaJen’s Camtasia Tutorial 10: Closed Caption Features:

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AbilityNet's my computer, my way!

BBC's My Web My Way

Microsoft Accessibility site - tips and guidance for users with disabilities

Apple Accessibility

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Accessibility Checks

Microsoft - Check for Accessililty Issues

WebAim's guide to Adobe Acrobat's Accessibility checker

WAVE - WebAim's accessibility evaluation tool

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Assistive technology

Assistive Technology at (the University of) Aberdeen - about assistive technology, guides, help and documentation

Screen reader demos, research and resources - Alistair Duggin

Designing for Screen Reader Compatibility (WebAim resource)

KeyTools - supplier of ergonomic equipment, books and software to help make "IT easier".

Sight and Sound Technology UK (UK distributor for JAWS etc.)

JAWS screen reader

Keyboard Shortcuts for JAWS (WebAim resource)

JAWS Guides from VIP Software. Also includes guides for ZoomText and other useful links

JAWS Training from Freedom Scientific

NVDA high quality open source screen reader for Windows operating systems

Keyboard shortcuts for NVDA (WebAim resource)

NVDA User Guide (2012.2.1)

Dolphin Computer Access (HAL, Supernova, Lunar and Lunar Plus)

Apple Accessibility Mac OS X Accessibility - Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology from for Mac OS users

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Cerebral Palsy

Origins of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Group

Cerebral Palsy Guide

Cerebral Palsy Guidance

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms



A-Z of Deaf blindness


JISC Blog: How technology can help dyslexic learners help themselves

WebAim's Cognitive Disabilities

British Dyslexia Association

Dyslexia Action, formerly known as 'The Dyslexia Institute'

Institute of Physics Supporting STEM Students with Dyslexia


Deafness and the User Experience Lisa Herrod’s ‘A List Apart’ article from Aug 2008.

Royal National Institute for the Deaf

Motive difficulties

Repetitive Strain Injury (computer related)

Vision related

Anatomy of the Eye Medical Coding Career Guide

Colour blindness and colour deficiency Online PhD Programs

Colour blindness UIC, Illinois, Chicago



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