In conversation with Prof. Alan Marcus

6pm, Monday 13th October 2014
Kings College Conference Centre, University of Aberdeen

Dramatising History: Adolf Hitler on Film     View Webcast

Thomas WeberNiki Stein

In 2010, Professor Thomas Weber at the University of Aberdeen published a ground-breaking text, Hitler’s First War, which is now being turned into an eight-part German television series, filmed in English and adapted by award-winning German screenwriter/director, Niki Stein.

In this special Director’s Cut event, Professor Alan Marcus will discuss the genre of historical dramatisations with Weber and Stein, focusing in particular on those which have sought to portray the problematic figure of Adolf Hitler, from Chaplin's The Great Dictator (1940) to Downfall (2004) and Hitler: the Rise of Evil (2003) featuring Scottish star Robert Carlyle in the central role. The event is co-funded through the Principal's Prize for Public Engagement with Research awarded to Professor Weber, and followed by a wine reception. Download Poster.