Director's Cut Masterclass, introduced by Prof. Alan Marcus

5.30pm, Wednesday 29 February 2012, The Belmont Picturehouse, Aberdeen

Malcolm Ritchie is a University of Aberdeen graduate who has enjoyed a successful career in London and Los Angeles and has been involved in overseeing the production of more than 100 films, including Trainspotting, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill.

He is currently partner or director in four media companies, including Tern, a leading UK television and digital production company based in Scotland (Aberdeen and Glasgow).

During his time as Chief Operating Officer at Polygram Films he was responsible for overseeing a large number of highly successful productions, including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Hudsucker Proxy, Dead Man Walking, Bean, The Big Lebowski, Elizabeth and many more.

At this Masterclass, the first in the new Director's Cut series, Malcolm Ritchie will give provide insight into his career in the industry. He also offers a unique overview of the financial and logistical aspects of film making, from raising finance to marketing.