in conversation with Prof. Alan Marcus,
6pm, 18 November 2008    Watch Webcast

My Summer of Love (2004) and Last Resort (2000) each won awards at the Edinburgh Film Festival and BAFTAs.  They were made by the internationally renowned director Pawel Pawlikowski.  Born in Warsaw, Pawlikowski left at 14 to live in Germany and Italy, before moving to the UK. He studied literature and philosophy at London and Oxford and then embarked on a series of highly original documentaries for the BBC. His work includes From Moscow to Pietushki (1991), Dostoevsky's Travels (1992) and Tripping with Zhirinovsky (1995).   Pawlikowski's hypnotic film, Serbian Epics (1992), was made at the height of the Bosnian war, and includes scenes shot of Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic, who later became sought for war crimes.