In conversation with Prof. Alan Marcus
May Festival Director's Cut Special

3pm Sunday 31st May 2015, Kings College Conference Centre, University of Aberdeen


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Roger Michell - Notting Hill

We are delighted to welcome Roger Michell, who has just been awarded a BAFTA for the television mini-series, The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies.  Following a successful stint at the Royal Shakespeare Company and his BAFTA-winning Jane Austen adaptation Persuasion (1995), Roger Michell achieved international acclaim with the box office smash Notting Hill (1999), starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.  His prodigious talent as a skilled storyteller directing leading movie stars in some of their finest roles has been reaffirmed in Changing Lanes (2002) starring Ben Affleck and Samuel Jackson, The Mother (2003) with Daniel Craig, Enduring Love (2004) adapted from the Ian McEwan novel, Venus (2006) starring Peter O’Toole, and Morning Glory (2010) with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton.  In this Director’s Cut special edition at the University’s annual May Festival, Prof. Alan Marcus will discuss with Roger Michell the captivating stories he has brought to the big screen, including four films made with writer Hanif Kureishi.  We will also explore techniques he employs to produce superb star performances, including in his latest films Hyde Park on Hudson (2012) with Bill Murray as President of the United States, Le Week-End (2013) starring Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, and soon to be released Birthday (2015). 

The event will include an audience Q&A and a reception.