In conversation with Prof. Alan Marcus

6pm, Wednesday 14th October 2015          VIEW WEBCAST
Elphinstone Hall, University of Aberdeen

K.P. Jayasankar and Anjali MonteiroProfessor K.P. Jayasankar and Professor Anjali Monteiro have created some of the most innovative and beautiful documentaries in the history of Indian filmmaking. Both hold appointments at the School of Media and Cultural Studies in Mumbai, and together have made over 35 films, winning over 30 national and international awards, including the prestigious Basil Wright Prize at the RAI Ethnographic Film Festival in Edinburgh in 2013 for their exquisite film, So Heddan So Hoddan (Like Here Like There). Their films present insightful studies that pose questions about the self and the other, normality and deviance.

Other works include Identity: The Construction of Selfhood, which was awarded a prize in 1995 at the Prix Futura Festival in Berlin and Saacha, an edited version of which was exhibited in 2013 at the Tate Modern in London. Their recent work includes the book, A Fly in the Curry: Independent Documentary Film in India (forthcoming 2015) and a series of web archives, DiverCity, which explores the politics of memory and erasure in Mumbai, based on student work mentored by them.  They arrive from India to discuss a cross-section of their work interlaced with clips from the films.

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