Jr. Director's Cut Special Screening of Print Your Guy (2015), audience Q&A with Prof. Alan Marcus

9th November 2016, 1-2pm
Regent Lecture Theatre, University of Aberdeen
Admission Free  Download Poster

Storyline: Pamela lives on her own in an apartment in Paris. One evening while watching a movie she sees a commercial for a company who claim they can print her the perfect guy.

Alwin Leene is a 1st year Film and Visual Culture student at the University of Aberdeen whose award-winning short film, Print Your Guy, has received numerous accolades including over two million views on Youtube. Born in Groningen in the Netherlands, he moved to France, attended the Bellecour School of Art in Lyon and received a degree in CG animation. After working five months in the animation studio Superprod in Angouleme, he has come to the University of Aberdeen to further his studies on a four-year undergraduate degree in Film and Visual Culture.

Print Your Guy has been selected for NanoCon, Kinematifest, The Global Short Awards, Doc Sunback Film Festival, Siggraph France, Kinofest, IndieWise, Minikino Film Week and it won the Chester Film Festival Audience Prize.