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Confidential Reporting

You have chosen to submit an anonymous report.

You will be presented with a seven-step form which contains a mixture of required and optional questions. We will not store any data collected in this form in our database until you submit the report.

Please note the following:

  • We will not ask you any questions that would allow for you to be identified.
  • We will point you to various online resources and confidential counselling.
  • We will be unable to offer 1-1 support from our advisers and you will not instigate an internal complaint or investigation process. The report will allow us to gather data on incidents from students, staff or visitors to campus.

If in the future you decide that you would like to speak to an adviser or begin a complaints process you can. At the end of this report you will be given a reference number, so if you change your mind please take this number to a trained adviser where your report can be unlocked. Don't worry if you lose your number, you can still make a second report.

Please note we are unable to unlock your report without the reference number and your consent in order that your anonymity is maintained for as long as you want it.

If you wish to supply your contact details at this stage and to be contacted by an adviser you can do so.

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