Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Forbes, Robert Alexander

Rank: Private

Regiment: 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

Biography: Son of Alexander Forbes, M.A., schoolmaster ; born Rose-hearty, 29 September 1898 ; Dux, Rosehearty School, 1911; Dux, Gold Medallist, Fraser-burgh Academy, 1915 ; 8th Bursar, Aberdeen University, 1915; studied in the Faculties of Arts and Medicine until 1917, taking high places and carrying off several prizes. He enlisted in the Cameron Highlanders, April 1917, and after training transferred to the Seaforths. He crossed to France, January 1918—with the 2nd Seaforths. Forbes was in the fighting during March 1918 and was taken prisoner, 18 April 1918, near La Bassée Canal, being one of a detachment sent out early in the morning as a covering party to a company of Engineers. He died at Lille Military Hospital, 27 July 1918. In Rosehearty, where he was born and brought up, Bert Forbes was loved and admired. His wonderful powers of expression and his whimsical humour relieved many a situation and brightened the hours for whatever company he found himself in. On the links he was a delightful and dangerous opponent. He was a born student, and he lived long enough to make the natural inclination his deliberate choice. Straight and clean, with nothing to hide, he had in his make-up a certain fineness, a tenderness which with his other pleasant qualities lent real charm to his personality. It was no wonder that here, where his home was, we were so proud of him, and expected such great things of him—no wonder that we so deeply loved Bert Forbes.

Date of Death: 27 July 1918

Burial Details: Buried at Lille Southern Cemetery, Plot 3, Row C, Grave 22.

Publication: Roll of Service, edited by Mabel Desborough Allardyce. Published 1921.

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