Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Leith, Douglas Meldrum Watson

Rank: Lieutenant

Regiment: 4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Biography: Son of Rev. John Watson Leith, minister of Meldrum ; born Old Meldrum, 10 February 1892 ; educated Aberdeen Grammar School ; matriculated in Arts, 1910 ; graduated M.A., 1913 ; B.Sc. (Agr.), 1914. He represented the University for some years in long distance events. He enlisted in the 4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders early in September 1914, being posted to the Grammar School Company, and crossed with them to France in February 1915. After some arduous months in the Ypres Salient, he was commissioned in August 1915, went through a brief training with the 3/4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders at home, and returned to France in January 1916, where he served continuously until his death. During the next two and a quarter years he acted successively as a Platoon Officer, and as Intelligence Officer to the 4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders and to the 54th Infantry Brigade (Highland Division). On New Year's Day, 1918, he was awarded the M.C., for which he had already been several times recommended. He was killed in action on 21 March 1918 near Beaumez-les-Cambrai, at the very outset of the German attack. His strong, reticent, but magnetic personality inspired all who knew him with an enduring admiration and affection, and formed an influence which will not readily pass away.

Honours: Military Cross

Date of Death: 21 March 1918

Burial Details: Buried at Lebucquière Communal Cemetery Extension, Plot 4, Row A, Grave 16.

Publication: Roll of Service, edited by Mabel Desborough Allardyce. Published 1921.

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