Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Ewen, Edgar Hunter

Rank: Lieutenant (Acting Captain)

Regiment: 5th Battalion Scots Fusiliers

Biography: Son of George Ewen, Tangland; born Methlick, 27 December 1880 ; educated at Methlick Public School, Gordon's College and Aberdeen University ; graduated M.A. in 1904 ; taught in Invergordon Academy and was Science Master in Troon Academy when war broke out. He was a member of the University Company as an undergraduate and re-enlisted in the Gordons in 1915. Ewen, like the rest of his family, was an expert shot and was sent to a musketry school to qualify as an instructor. After gaining his certificate he was transferred to the 5th (Res.) Royal Scots Fusiliers with commissioned rank and was appointed Battalion Instructor of Musketry. After the 5th Reserve was amalgamated with the 4th Reserve R.S.F., Ewen assumed command of one of the training companies. He was accidentally killed in Catterick Camp on 1 May 1917. How highly Lieutenant Ewen's services were esteemed may be gathered from the following letter from his Commanding Officer : "I well remember when he came to me at Ayr Race Course. He had been highly spoken of by his former Commanding Officer and I was much in need of effective help. I at once saw that I had got it, and during the all too short time we were together my regard for him steadily increased. I could not have had a more faithful officer, or one who was more concerned to do his very best for the regiment."

Date of Death: 01 May 1917

Burial Details: Buried at Dundoland (Troon) Cemetery, Ayrshire, Class B (Old Part), Grave 178.

Publication: Roll of Service, edited by Mabel Desborough Allardyce. Published 1921.

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