Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Fraser, Thomas Peppé

Regiment: H.M. Colonial Medical Service, West Africa

Biography: Son of John Philip Fraser, Art Master ; born Aberdeen, 24 April 1880 ; educated at Aberdeen Grammar School; graduated M.B., 1901 ; D.P.H. (Camb.), 1912. He held appointments as Hospital Physician in Denbigh, Grimsby, Swansea and Sunderland, and for some years practised in London. Later he entered the Government service, was appointed to the Gold Coast, and thence transferred to Nigeria. Fraser's war service was very brief, for he was killed in the first month of the war, in a reconnaissance, while serving with a British force against the German colony of Togoland, 29 August 1914 ; he was buried at Mora, Northern Nigeria—the first of Alma's sons to fall in the Great War.

Date of Death: 29 August 1914

Burial Details: Name recorded on the Zaria Memorial, Nigeria.

Publication: Roll of Service, edited by Mabel Desborough Allardyce. Published 1921.

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