Conservation and Projects

Conservation and Projects


There are two purpose built conservation studios within Museums and Special Collections; the Conservation Laboratory based at Marischal College, and the Glucksman Conservation Centre in the Sir Duncan Rice Library.

Marischal Conservation Laboratory

This laboratory is where we do conservation and analytical work on the museum collections. As the major laboratory of its kind in northern Scotland, we also work on other collections. The Conservator can also offer advice on the appropriate environmental requirements for the storage and display of important and vulnerable material.

Glucksman Conservation Centre

The conservation team look after all aspects of the physical care of the Special Collections which include a range of materials. The care of the collection encompasses both interventive conservation (physical and chemical stabilisation of artefacts) and implementation of preventive measures to monitor or control agents that can cause deterioration to the collection. The Centre contributes to the department's outreach programme to specialist and non-specialist audiences and supports the programme of exhibitions.