Lab tube

The College of Life Sciences and Medicine is home to dynamic internationally renowned researchers addressing issues of global societal relevance and importance who are dedicated to extending the boundaries of knowledge.

The College seeks to continually improve the research environment of our researchers in order to facilitate the use of cutting edge technology and to nurture research excellence.

Research is organised through research institutes which focus on addressing key challenges of the modern-day world, with a strong emphasis on translational activity and interdisciplinary interactions. Our institutes have the ultimate vision of improving human health and quality of life and understanding the ecosystems in the natural world and exploring ways of lessening the adverse impact of humankind on planet earth.

This research spans understanding how the body functions, how it responds to infection and disease, the relationship between nutrition and health and how diseases can be prevented and eradicated to a cross-disciplinary focus on understanding the biological consequences of environmental change and impacts.

Research Impact

Our research is relevant, impactful and effects positive change across the world. The series of short videos below showcase some of our highest impact research stories of recent years.