Current research within the Institute of Medical Sciences includes Bone & Musculoskeletal, Cancer Medicine, Cell & Developmental Biology, Immunology, Imaging, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Physiology & Pharmacology, Systems Biology, Translational Medicine, and Cardiovascular research.


We welcome applications from self-funded students for the projects listed below.  Click on the project titles to find out more details about each PhD project.

If you are interested in one of the projects listed then please contact any of the lead supervisors noted below and also copy your message to our Graduate School Administrator at

A New Approach to Treat Neurodegenerative Disease (Professor Peter McCaffery)

A Vitamin as a New Way to Control the Diabetes and Obesity “Epidemic” (Professor Peter McCaffery)

Developing New Drug Targets to Treat Human Aortic Valve Disease (Professor Graeme Nixon, Dr Heather Wilson & Dr Fiona Murray)

Development of ex vivo Tissue Culture Models for Studying Osteogenic Guidance Cues for Bone Repair and Regeneration (Professor Iain Gibson and Dr Neil Vargesson)

Effective Healthcare Delivery in Rare Diseases: Evaluating Models of Care for Systemic Vasculitis Across UK and International Healthcare Settings (Dr Rosemary Hollick and Dr Neil Basu)

Embryonic Origin and Function of Adult Stem Cells (Professor Martin Collinson)

Exploring if Hypoxia-mimicking Scaffolds Have a Proangiogenic Influence on Bone Regeneration (Professor Iain Gibson and Dr Neil Vargesson)

Investigating the Role of Polypharmacy in Brain Ageing, and Cognitive, Physical and Emotional Impairment in Three Well Characterised Cohort Studies in Aberdeen (Professor Alison Murray, Professor Phyo Myint & Dr Chris McNeil)

Periodontal Health in Patients Acutely Admitted for Myocardial Infarction: A Case-Control Study (Dr Karolin Hijazi and Dr Dana Dawson)

Phylogenetics and Taxonomy of Endangered Birds (Professor Martin Collinson)

Screening Thalidomide Analogs to Identify Anti-Inflammatory Specific Compounds to Combat the Inflammatory Response and its Disorders (Dr Neil Vargesson)

The Effect of Increased Whole Grain Food Consumption on Blood Pressure in Untreated Hypertensive Subjects (Dr Frank Thies & Dr Mary Joan Macleod)

The Role of Macrophage PTP1B in Susceptibility to Fungal Infection (Dr Heather Wilson, Professor Gordon Brown, Professor Mirela Delibegovic & Dr Subhankar Mukhopadhyay)

Understanding Mechanisms of Obesity Using a New Model System (Professor Graeme Nixon, Professor Mirela Delibegovic & Dr Justin Rochford)