University of Aberdeen - NHS Grampian joint Sponsor SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed, written instructions which must be followed when performing certain tasks. They are an essential source for communicating to researchers the agreed, defined methodology which must be followed to ensure consistency between researchers and, in multi-centre studies, the consistency between individual research sites.

As Sponsors and hosts of clinical research, the University of Aberdeen and NHS Grampian have a legal responsibility regarding the oversight and management of studies.

On this page you will find a range of SOPs for investigators and researchers which are written to ensure that studies are conducted and reported in compliance with the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), regulatory requirements and the UK Policy Framework for Health & Social Care Research. Local, or study specific SOP may also be required and these should be prepared by the Chief Investigator as required.

Templates may also be associated with some SOPs and these can be downloaded as Word documents if required.

For information on SOP training which may be available, please visit the NHS Grampian Research and Development webpage.

Please check this page regularly as new SOPs may become available or updated versions may be added.

For additional information on the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Quality Management System, which applies only in the IMS qPCR facility, please click here.

Study Set Up

Reference Version Title Associated Document(s)
SOP-QA-3 V4 Protocol Guidance for use in High Risk Trials and CTIMPs
SOP-QA-4 V4 Applying for Sponsorship
SOP-QA-6 V4 Study Start Up
SOP-QA-7 V3 Trial Master File
SOP-QA-8 V3 Investigator Site File
SOP-QA-10 V4 Applying for Research Ethics Committee Opinion
SOP-QA-13 V4 Generation of Contracts
SOP-QA-14 V4 SmPC, Investigator Brochure and IMP Dossier
SOP-QA-16 V3 Selection and Management of Third Parties
SOP-QA-38 V2 Equipment



V3 Multi-centred site selection       -
SOP-QA-41 V1 Genetically Modified Micro-organism research           (NHSG only)       -

Study Conduct

Reference Version Title Associated Document(s)
SOP-QA-9 V4 Receiving Informed Consent
SOP-QA-15 V3 Management of Medicinal Products used in Research  
SOP-QA-17 V5 Project Committees
SOP-QA-19 V5 Amendments

Data Management & Statistics

Reference Version Title Associated Document(s)
SOP-QA-12 V4 Case Report Forms
SOP-QA-18 V4 Randomisation & Blinding for Controlled Trials


SOP-QA-20 V3 Data Management       -
SOP-QA-23 V3 Statistical Analysis Plans for Clinical Trials       -
SOP-QA-27 V3 Good Documentation Practice       -

Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory

Reference Version Title Associated Document(s)
SOP-QA-21 V3 APRs and DSURs
SOP-QA-22 V4 Adverse Events in CTIMPs
SOP-QA-25** V3 Deviations and Breaches**
SOP-QA-30 V3 MHRA Inspections       -
SOP-QA-35 V4 Unblinding       -
SOP-QA-39 V3 Adverse Events in Medical Device Clinical Investigations

Study Close Out

Reference Version Title Associated Document(s)
SOP-QA-31 V3 Research Project Closure       -
SOP-QA-32 V4 Archiving
SOP-QA-33 V3 Research Project Publications and Dissemination

Monitoring & Audit

Reference Version Title Associated Document(s)
SOP-QA-28 V3 Monitoring
SOP-QA-29 V3 Audit


Reference Version Title Associated Document(s)
SOP-QA-1 V4 Managements of SOPs
SOP-QA-2 V4 Training Record
SOP-QA-24 V3 Managing a Change in Chief Investigator of a CTIMP or Medical Device Clinical Investigation       -
SOP-QA-34 V5 Good Clinical Practice/Good Research Practice Training *
SOP-QA-36 V4 Retention of Health Records of Clinical Trial Patients


SOP-QA-37 V3 Management Review


* During the Global COVID-19 Health Pandemic the required frequency of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Research Practice refresher training, detailed in SOP-QA-34, may be extended from two years to three years. This is for the duration of the declared COVID-19 pandemic only and all staff involved in the conduct of clinical trials shall be expected to attend approved training once the pandemic has ended, if the time since their last refresher is more than two years.

This temporary situation shall be reviewed regularly and may be revoked at any time.

** This SOP is currently under review and should be considered valid until a new revision is issued.