Independent scientific peer review is essential for achieving best practice through enhancing the quality of research. Peer review enables a number of experts to review the proposed study to consider aspects such as design quality, feasibility, acceptability and importance of the topic.

Internal peer review of grant applications ensures scientific quality of applications before submission. Research applications involving University staff must comply with the SMMSN Peer Review and Mentoring Process*, as this applies to each application. Under this process the Head of School/Division will only approve applications for submission if adequate evidence of peer review is provided, and if all other required approver signatures are in place. For some funders (RCUK and the Wellcome Trust), the College must also approve the designated peer reviewers before the application is given the go-ahead.

* Division of Applied Health Sciences – all research funding applications (regardless of value) must be peer reviewed prior to approval of the Head of Division.

As part of the funding process, those studies which are awarded funding will also have undergone peer review by the funder.

Internally funded projects

As internally funded studies will not have been through the peer review process described above evidence of peer review will be requested by the Research Governance team during the assessment of the project for sponsorship.

Planning Research


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