Why Aberdeen?

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Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is one of the UK's most internationally distinguished universities. It has a student population of around 14,500 and a large international community of students drawn from 120 different countries. Here you'll find study options to suit your academic interests, and social and leisure activities that will contribute to your overall well-being, enjoyment and personal growth.

Study Choice and Flexibility

Undergraduate Honours degrees in Scotland are usually four years in duration and are generally structured to ensure a great deal of flexibility during the first two years of study.

But at Aberdeen we go one step further: flexibility and individuality are our real strengths. We know from experience that flexibility is very important in preparing our students for a world today in which new graduates need a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills.

Student Life

Starting university and becoming involved in campus life provides a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and for some of you to have your first taste of independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

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City and Shire

Aberdeen is Scotland's third most populous city. It is rich in history from its maritime past of boat building and fishing industries, nowadays modernised with the growth of the Oil and Gas industries. Aberdeen has a number of pseudonyms which include the Granite City and the Silver City with the Golden Sands.