20 October 2021, 11am, via Teams: David Watts (University of Aberdeen): Collected Papers: A Preliminary Account from the Rowett Research Institute

17 November 2021, 11am, via Teams: Isabella Engberg (University of Aberdeen): Moving Across Environmental Borders: Dynamic Portrayals of Ecology in Alexander von Humboldt’s and Charles Darwin’s Travel Writing

8 December 2021, 11am, via Teams: Jessica Campbell (University of Edinburgh): 'Oh! What a first-rate doctor is Dr Drama': Theatre and Performance in the British Asylum c.1840-1900.

26 January 2022, 11am, via Teams: Julia Elton (University College London): TBC

23 February 2022, 11am, via Teams: Hasok Chang (University of Cambridge): The Challenge of Everyday Science: Disputes about the Voltaic Battery

23 March 2022, 11am, via Teams: Camilla Mørk Røstvik (University of Aberdeen): TBC