Michael J. C. Davidson, University of Aberdeen'A Failed Sojourn in the Sun': A Comparative Study of the Journals of Jonathan Troup of Dominica and Aberdeen (1786 - 1798)

 (27 April 2022)


Camilla Mørk Røstvik, University of Aberdeen: SABA and the Commercialisation of Menstruation in Norway since 1940 (23 March 2022)

Hasok Chang, University of Cambridge: The Challenge of Everyday Science: Disputes about the Voltaic Battery (23 February 2022)

Julia Elton, UCL: Robert Stevenson, Thomas Smith and the Parabolic Reflector – Setting the Story Straight (26 January 2022)

2021 EVENTS:

Jessica Campbell, University of Edinburgh: ‘Oh! What a first-rate doctor is Dr Drama’: Theatre, Performance and the Asylum Stage (8 December 2021)

Isabella Engberg, University of Aberdeen: Moving Across Environmental Borders: Dynamic Portrayals of Ecology in Alexander von Humboldt’s and Charles Darwin’s Travel Writing (17 November 2021)

David Watts, University of Aberdeen: Collected Papers: A Preliminary Account from the Rowett Research Institute (27 October 2021)


Jesse Olszynko-Gryn, University of Strathclyde: Filming Fly Eggs: Time-Lapse Cinematography as an Intermedial Practice (13 October 2021)

William Jackson, University of Aberdeen: The Ledgers of Death: Florence Nightingale and the battle to reform army medical practice after the Crimean War (30 June 2021)

Dee Hoole, University of Aberdeen: Reclaiming the Unclaimed: The Medical Schools of Aberdeen and the Dissection of the Poor c.1832-1914 (9 June 2021)

Isobel Falconer, University of St Andrews: Colin Maclaurin and the "Good-seeking Forces of Mind" (12 May 2021)

Ben Marsden, University of Aberdeen:  Rethinking Perpetual Motion in the Age of Energy: W. J. M. Rankine, Henry Dircks and Engineering Science (24 March 2021)

Rebekah Higgitt, National Museums Scotland: Instruments as iconography at Trinity House: representing maritime experience and expertise in eighteenth-century London (24 February 2021)

Richard Anderson, University of Aberdeen: Nathaniel King: African Graduates and Medicine in British West Africa (27 January 2021)

2020 EVENTS:

Bill Naphy, University of Aberdeen, In collaboration with the Centre for Early Modern Studies: Expert and Forensic Witnesses in Genevan Trials, c. 1540-1640 (9 December 2020)

Suzannah Biernoff, Birkbeck, University of London Co-hosted by the George Washington Wilson Centre for Visual Culture and CHPSTM: Loving the monster: David Lynch’s The Elephant Man as cultural history (12 November 2020)


Eleanor Peters, University of Aberdeen: ‘The Mecca of the Womanhood of Scottish Agriculture’: the Craibstone School of Rural Domestic Economy and the Dissemination of Electricity in Northern Scotland, 1923-1939 (4 November 2020)

Bill Jenkins, University of St Andrews: Religion and science between Enlightenment and Disruption: David Brewster’s evangelical natural theology (7 October 2020)

Ellen Packham, University of Aberdeen: ‘Would That All Mechanics Could Write as Well’: Encouraging, Generating and Managing Correspondence in Technical Periodicals of the 1820s (2 September 2020)

Lindsay Middleton, University of Glasgow: 'No one wishes to say you are to live on preserved meats': Canned Food and Disruptive Narratives in Nineteenth Century Food Writing (22 July 2020)


Helena Ifill, University of Aberdeen: Fictional and Non-Fictional Representations of Men of Science and the Supernatural in the Victorian Periodical Press (1 July 2020)

John McAleer, University of Southampton: ‘Immortalised in spirits’: William Henry Harvey and the practicalities of natural history collecting in Britain’s 19th-century world (17 June 2020)


Patience Schell, University of Aberdeen: Maria Graham, Travel Narrative and a Naturalist’s Authority (13 May 2020)


Silvia Casini, University of Aberdeen: Affectivity and data-visualisation narratives in the development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (22 April 2020)


Jan - Mar 2020: Reading group (led by PhD student Ellen Packham)