History and Philosophy of Physics - Reading Group, Research Seminar

Convenor: Dr. Guido Bacciagaluppi (now University of Utrecht)

The seminar consisted of research talks from staff, visitors and postgraduate students, mixed with discussion of recent and/or classic work on the subject. Most of the first half-session of 2011-2012 was devoted to discussion of Kristian Camilleri's recent book on Heisenberg and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (Cambridge, 2009).

Weekly schedule for the first semester:

  • 27 September: Seminar by G. Bacciagaluppi and E. Crull (Aberdeen) on ‘“The Einstein Paradox”: the debate on nonlocality and incompleteness in 1935’
  • 4 October: Reading group, Camilleri chapters 1 and 2
  • 11 October: Reading group, Camilleri chapter 3
  • 18 October: Reading group, W. Heisenberg, ‘On the anschaulich content of the quantum mechanical kinematics and mechanics’ (1927)
  • 25 October: Reading group, Camilleri chapter 4
  • 1 November: Reading group, Camilleri chapter 5
  • 8 November: Seminar by G. Bacciagaluppi (Aberdeen) on ‘Non-equilibrium in Nelsonian mechanics’
  • 15 November: Reading group, Camilleri chapter 622 November: reading group, Camilleri chapter 7
  • 29 November: Reading group, Camilleri chapter 8
  • 6 December and 13 December (special time: 11-12): Reading group, Camilleri chapter 9 (Conclusion)

Weekly schedule for the second semester:

  • 31 January: reading E. Crull and G. Bacciagaluppi, ‘Translation of W. Heisenberg: “Ist eine deterministische Ergaenzung der Quantenmechanik moeglich?”’, http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu/8590/
  • 7 February: reading D. Howard, 'What makes a classical concept classical?', http://www.nd.edu/~dhoward1/Classcon.pdf
  • 14 February: seminar by Chris Timpson (Oxford), 'Quantum- and Macro- Realism: What does the Leggett--Garg inequality actually test?' (joint work with Owen Maroney)
  • 21 February: seminar by G. Bacciagaluppi (Aberdeen), 'Insolubility Theorems and EPR Argument'