CHERI at a glance

CHERI at a glance

Capacity building

More PhD students than any other similar unit in the UK, all doing PhDs by publication. Co-supervisors come from other units/colleges/institutions (both UK and overseas).

  • 3 full-time, externally-funded PhD students (UK)
  • 1 internally CLSM-funded PhD student
  • 3 international, externally-funded PhD students
  • 3 – shortly to be 4 - part time doctoral students (UoA medical and dental staff)

At the forefront

In January 2016, the Aberdeen interdisciplinary team bid (led by Prof Cleland and including colleagues from NES, Southampton and QMUL) was the only group to be awarded access to the GMC held UK Medical Education Database (UKMED). This database brings together, for the first time, selection and performance data across the continuum of medical education and postgraduate training.

Working across disciplinary and structural boundaries

CHERI collaborates with academic and clinical colleagues from Medical Statistics, the Health Economics Research Unit (HERU), Business School, Language and Linguistics, NHS Grampian and NHS Education from Scotland (NES).


Our work identifying preferences related to medical careers in senior medical students, FY doctors and trainees, as well as how and when to position interventions to influence decisions such as specialty and locality choice, is particularly relevant here in terms of Scotland. Our work has also played a central role in changing practice related to optimising effective selection into medical school, in Scotland, the UK and beyond.


Jen Cleland leads a number of the influential national and international bodies supporting medical education research and innovation e.g. The Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), the Scottish Medical Education Research Consortium (SMERC) and the only international Research Committee in the field (that of the Association for Medical Education Europe (AMEE). Jen is Adjunct Professor at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, USA.