Can we hear the music you offer?

Please see the Musical Arrangements Form.

Can we have a solo singer, or choir or instrumentalist?

It is usually possible to provide a singer or instrumentalist or small choir (usually of five singers), although this is subject to availability of personnel. So far, however, we have always managed to find musicians for weddings at King’s. A solo singer or choir will lead the congregational singing and contribute something for the Signing of the Register; an instrumentalist will perform during the Signing of the Register. The music for the Entrance of the Bride and the Recessional is best provided by the organ because the instrument is ideally suited to accompanying grand processions. Please include any requests in the Additional Information field of the Musical Arrangements Form.

May we bring our own organist?

Although the wedding fee includes the services of an organist, some couples wish to bring their own. If you wish to use another organist, please note that you must obtain permission from Stuart Muir, Director of Chapel and Ceremonial Music. Organists have to be able to demonstrate a professional level of competence because the instrument is particularly valuable; also, the Chapel is used extensively for services and concerts, so usually the only time to practise is an hour before the ceremony.

May we book other musicians?

All music in Chapel services should be at a professional standard. You are advised to seek permission before engaging anyone! Some couples want a family member to play or sing during the ceremony: please ensure that they are happy enough to do this and are aware of the standard expected (post-Grade VIII). Please note that amplification is neither necessary in the Chapel nor permitted.

The organist will normally accompany any solo items, and – once approved – musicians should be asked to rehearse with the accompaniment three-quarters of an hour before the ceremony.

May we choose music which is not on the list?

You may request music that is not on the list. Please remember that your wedding is a Chapel service, so music should reflect both the sacred nature of the celebration and its historic setting.

May we use a CD recording?

CD recordings may not be used: all music should be live performance.

If you have any other queries, please include them in the ‘Additional Information’ section of the form, or email