Professor Pamela Abbott Professor Pamela Abbott

 Dr Lucia D'AmbruosoDr Lucia D'Ambruoso Deputy Director
Dr Peter Mtika Dr Peter Mtika Associate Director
Dr Nigel Dower Dr Nigel Dower Associate Director
Dr Kathryn Vincent Executive Secretary


Staff from the School of Education Associated with the Centre 

 Dr Aileen Ackland

 Professor Donald Gray

 Dr Peter Mtika

 Dr Jackie Ravet


Honorary Staff 


Research Associates

Dr Saerom Han


External Associates

Professor Roger Sapsford


PhD Students



 Elise Boyle Espinosa – Education

Ali Kalbeeba  - Education

David McCusker – Education

Asterie Nyrahabimana – Education

Tam Nugen – CISRAL

Nadia Mcube - Sociology

Nouf  Rasheed – Applied Health Sciences

 Deena Tissera - Applied Health Sciences

Tahani Alqahanti - Business School 


Our Project Partners


Our Research Partners