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Sixth Centry Course: Africa International Sustainable Development for All

Course Overview: Africa: Sustainable development for All?  

 The course addresses the big question of why, although the world’s continents are rich in natural resources and have increasing rates of wealth in some countries, there are many countries, especially in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA), which are performing poorly on development indicators. These countries are suffering the effects of poverty, hunger, poor maternal health and education, among others. With this backdrop, we grapple with issues around achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for All. Case studies will be used to demonstrate good practice and different cultural, social, economic and political barriers to progress will be identified.

 The course introduces students to the key concepts in sustainable development and the global current context of SDGs. On this course, it is argued that sustainable development must be based on human rights and equity. Sustainable development must address issues of gender, age and diversity (cultural, economic, environmental, and social) as well as spatial diversity (rural and urban differences). We recognise that a range of interdisciplinary approaches are required to tease out the complexity of sustainable development.

 We want students on this course to become critical thinkers and effective communicators about development stories, past, present and future. Most importantly, we want students to become key agents of Sustainable Development! We use academic texts alongside films and music on this course.

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