Solutions in Enterprise


The following presentations and articles derive from the Solutions in Enterprise event held at the University of Aberdeen, 30 September - 1 October 2010.

Professor Gavin Reid - Keynote speaker
Professor of Economics and Founder/Director, Centre for Research into Industry, Enterprise, Finance and the Firm (CRIEFF), School of Economics & Finance, University of St. Andrews.

What do we know about enterprise? The roles of theory and evidence

Iain Macdonald
Recently retired from the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Iain served as its Director-General for 8 years. His previous experience includes working with the Co-operative Wholesale Society and the Co-operative Group, as well as Strathclyde Regional Council.

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Mike Sweatman
Founder and director of Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative, Mike Sweatman has presided over one of the most successful worker co-operatives in Scotland, growing yearly revenue to over 10m pounds under his stewardship as chief executive.

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Fred Freundlich & Izaskun Alzola
Fred Freundlich has been working and carrying out research in the field of broad employee participation in enterprise ownership since 1982 when he first left America to collaborate with the Mondragon network of co-operative enterprises in the Basque Country of Spain. His colleague Izaskun Alzola is a law professor in Mondragon University.

Mondragon: humanity at work

David Erdal
David Erdal has worked for over 20 years in transferring ownership of businesses to employees. As chairman of Tullis Russell, a highly successful paper manufacturer in Scotland, he succeeded in converting the business to a wholly employee owned organisation. He also facilitated the transfer of ownership of Loch Fyne Oysters to its employees in 2003.

Employees are doing it...

Turning Public Servants into Service Partners

Diarmuid McDonnell
Diarmuid is the Knowledge Transfer Partnership associate for the project involving the University of Aberdeen and Co-operative Education Trust Scotland.

Developing our future leaders of co-operative enterprise

Sarah Deas
Sarah leads Co-operative Development Scotland, a subsidiary of Scottish Enterprise, which has the remit to support the growth of co-operative enterprises throughout Scotland.

Growing the co-operative economy

Graduate into a co-operative business

Stephen Kelly
Stephen is one of the founding members of Highland Wholefoods, a successful worker co-operative based in Inverness. He currently fulfills two roles: Co-operative Membership Officer for The Co-operative Group and Chairperson of Co-operation and Mutuality Scotland.

The Bigger Picture: co-operative enterprise in all its forms


Special mention must be given to our roundtable discussion contributors: Professor Fred Freundlich from Mondragon University, Professor John Struthers from the University of the West of Scotland, and Professor Martin Parker from Warwick Business School. Analysis on the debate will be posted here shortly.

The photographs from the event are now available to view on our Flickr profile: