recycleA consumer co-operative is a business whose members are the customers for its products or services.

The Co-operative Group is the world's largest consumer co-operative. It operates throughout the UK and has a turnover in excess of 10 billion pounds.

Members each pay 1 pound to join which enables them to vote and put themselves forward for election to local, regional, and UK-wide committees. This democratic ownership gives members a very real say in how the business is run.

The Co-operative Group encompasses Food, Farming, Financial Services, Travel, Pharmacy, Funeralcare and Legal Services. Members can use a membership card in all Group businesses which allows them to receive a share in the profits of the Group.

There are many examples of the Co-operative Group taking a lead on ethical issues and putting into practice the values and principles of co-operation. Check out the 'Ethics in Action' pages of its website using the link above.