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Equality and Diversity Strategy

1. Context

1.1 The University of Aberdeen’s Equality and Diversity Strategy links directly to the University’s mission statement:

“We shall be excellent in delivering teaching which enables lifelong learning; in promoting and undertaking research, knowledge transfer and scholarship and, where appropriate, commercialising it; and in governance and management. The University will be accessible and inclusive.”

1.2 It is recognised that an accessible and inclusive learning and working environment enhances the University’s ambition to be a world-class institution. A culture which celebrates and promotes equality and diversity adds value through new perspectives and ideas.

1.3 The aim of the Strategy is to embed and mainstream equality and diversity throughout the University. It is also recognised that legislation places significant duties on the University. The University, as a major employer in and economic contributor to the North East of Scotland, acknowledges that its approach to equality and diversity should strive to be exemplary.

1.4 This Strategy relates to all the equality strands, including colour, ethnicity, race, nationality, national origins, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, family circumstances, political beliefs, gender, gender reassignment, trade union membership, age or any other unfair distinction.

2. Objectives and Strategies

2.1 Quality Governance and Management


To contribute to continuous improvement in governance, management and administration


We shall ensure that committee memberships reflect the University community and that Equality and Diversity themes are carried through from the University’s Strategic Plan to College and School Plans.

We shall equip our managers with appropriate Equality and Diversity knowledge and skills through core management development activities.

2.2 Quality People


To enable the University to attract, develop and retain outstanding staff and students


We shall strive to ensure that all staff and students are fully aware of the basic principles of Equality and Diversity and what their responsibilities are.

We shall ensure that staff and students are recruited in an equitable, transparent and just manner and are treated fairly throughout their employment or period of stay with the University.

Through monitoring, the University will identify any areas where action may be required.

2.3 Embedding Equality and Diversity


To develop the culture of the University to enable equality and diversity to be mainstreamed


We shall create an environment where staff, students and visitors are able to raise Equality and Diversity issues in an open and trusting manner and where the University ‘feels’ inclusive to all who work, study and visit.

We intend to eliminate the potential for unwitting discrimination.

2.4 Quality Learning and Teaching


To enhance the quality and value of the student learning experience.


We shall ensure that the University promotes equal opportunities and the value of diversity through its programmes of study.

We shall ensure teaching practice and policy reflects the diverse needs of our student population.

2.5 Quality Research


To enhance the quality and international standing of our research activity and output.


We shall ensure that the University embraces the principles of equal opportunities through all of its research activities, in support of our objective to be an international, research-led university.

2.6 Accessibility


To ensure the University is accessible to staff, students and visitors.


We aim to ensure that all stakeholders can freely access the University, its services and facilities.

2.7 Engaging and Consulting with Stakeholders


To increase opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in the Equality and Diversity agenda


We aim to create a responsive and inclusive University which has an understanding of the needs of its stakeholders.

3. Implementation

The University will implement its Equality and Diversity Strategy through the development and maintenance of an Action Plan and appropriate policies and procedures. It will monitor the workforce and the student population, assess the impact of policies and practices on Equality and Diversity and deliver appropriate training.

4. Roles and Responsibilities

Equality and Diversity affects all members of the University community and therefore they all share a responsibility for implementation.

The Joint Committee on Equal Opportunities has overall responsibility for the Strategy with the University Court receiving regular updates. The Vice-Principal for Equality and Diversity and the Equal Opportunities Adviser are responsible for facilitating implementation.

5. Evaluation of the Progress of the Strategy

The Joint Committee on Equal Opportunities is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Equality and Diversity Strategy through:

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