PollutionOur research in the field of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) has led to the development of processes and products that yield high economic value, by:

  1. replacing other carbon intensive materials and products, and
  2. creating greater value by converting “wastes” into useful products. 

The challenge was to deliver processes and products that are technically and economically viable, and in perpetual high demand. We believe that we have succeeded and that the time has come to test our conviction.

The CCMs that will be demonstrated and commercialised through the competition dissolve CO2 flue gas directly into slightly alkaline water, that is then faced with a suitable brine source containing dissolved Ca and Mg ions as found in connate formation and produced (and other) abundantly available waters. A novel multi-stage precipitation technology will be used to separate and produce nearly insoluble Ca and Mg carbonate minerals that have useful properties, and hence commercial value in existing established and new markets. NaCl, if present, is easily excluded from the final products.

The simplicity and reliability of our process, its superiority compared to other CCU processes, its ability to use standard, off-the-shelf components, and low capital investment needs make this technology peerless.

We welcome early engagement with all potential sponsors of our team and future stakeholders in our technology.