Knowledge Exchange (KE) is a process which brings together academic staff, users of research and wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

While current funding activity from the major research councils and many charities requires Knowledge Exchange between academics and non-academic partners, many academics in the Arts and Humanities consider this a daunting prospect. More needs to be done to advertise and develop knowledge exchange networking in the Arts and Humanities (and extend this to the Social Sciences also).

The THiNK network aims to provide a forum in which university researchers, research managers, research and innovation professionals, business development officers, policy makers and funders can come together to exchange knowledge on knowledge exchange. 

By providing funding intelligence, discussing research themes and trends and pinpointing potential research projects and schemes we hope to be able to foster awareness of the importance of Knowledge Exchange in the Arts and Humanities and find ways to measure the impact of the Arts and Humanities in research and policy making in meaningful ways.