Figure 1 illustrates the Schools and Departments that currently host a Programme Advisory Board or equivalent group, and how these are linked and structured within the wider University.   There are 13 groups across the three Colleges, with membership including academic staff, senior management staff, students and alumni, administrators, academic related staff including the Careers Service, and external organisations.  External members represent relevant industries and sectors and are from private and public organisations, NGOs, charities and social enterprises, microbusiness and SMEs, and large multinationals, and are based locally or travel from elsewhere in the UK.

Boards are very diverse in their structure and remit, with membership varying between 1 to 9 external members, and between 1-5 internal staff members (academic, administrative, academic related), and often with 1-2 student members. The strength of the Boards and their members is in the flexibility of approach.


FIGURE 1: University of Aberdeen Programme Advisory Board (or equivalent) Structurepab


Where appropriate, and as determined by each group, core teaching and learning issues are explored, with an emphasis upon curriculum review and development, and student/employer networking opportunities.

All Groups have a minimum remit which include exploring and discussing:

Our 'showcases' page expands upon the remit of individual groups and provides examples of beneficial outcomes.